The magnificent Kenya

Kenya is a country that beckons with iconic sights, tribal cultures and natural wonders – the snow-capped peak of mighty Mt Kenya, the Masai Mara's golden, grassy plains, the pink blush of Lake Nakuru and the annual migration of millions of wildebeest are but some of the delights waiting for you in Kenya.

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The Great Migration

The ninth wonder of the planet is found here in Kenya where the great migration takes place every year.These Animals leave seregeti and cross over the river mara to Kenya.its such an amazing experience 

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Domestic Tourism

Domestic Tourism 

Kenya’s tourist product is well geared for domestic tourism, yet encouraging this vital sector can be a challenge. 

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Domestic Tourism has become a significant form of tourism in Kenya where it is found that it can cushion off the tourism industry during low periods of international tourist arrivals.  


With the aggressive promotion of the domestic sector, local tourism business is expected to increase significantly as Kenyans disposable income gradually increases. The Ministry objectives for domestic tourism include: 

To encourage Kenyans of all walks of life to become active participants in Domestic Tourism as a way of boosting the sector. 

To create a network of Domestic Tourism stakeholders who will contribute to its growth and to organize relevant forums where they could participate in exchange of ideas.

  • To maintain a constant in and outflow of information and data pertaining to Domestic Tourism.
  • To produce tourism media, both electronic and print.
  • To organize Domestic Tourism exhibitions.
  • To aggressively market Domestic Tourism through constant product investigation and analysis leading to targeted promotions.
  • To facilitate access of local people to the product and educate Kenyans on local attractions and products.
  • To negotiate with stakeholders to subsidies the rates for local residents throughout the year in line with local earnings.
  • To organize regular press briefings.

Kenya is Africa’s original safari destination, attracting explorers, adventurers and travellers for centuries. A safari to Kenya is the trip of a lifetime, but planning your trip couldn’t be easier- with our interactive Trip Planner. Kenya is an ideal destination for all kinds of travel, including Business and Conference and incentive travel. 

The Ministry of Tourism supports and promotes sustainable tourism for the benefit of both our visitors and our fellow Kenyans. To this end, we encourage
 Domestic Tourism so that all Kenyans can discover the great natural and cultural wealth of their homeland- and we actively support and promote Eco and Community Tourism projects in order to protect the destination for the future. 

We are actively engaged in diversifying and enriching our destination and marketing it to the world. For more information on Destination Marketing.

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