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Kenya occupies a total area of 582,644 sq. km and straddles the Equator. It shares common borders with 5 (five) nations namely; Tanzania to the south, Uganda to the west, Sudan and Ethiopia to the north and Somali to the east. The country has a rich diversity of land forms from glacial ice to arid desert, mountains to rich savannas, large lake and dense forests. Kenya has 4 distinct physical features namely; the Great Rift Valley, Central highlands, Arid and Semi arid areas in North and Eastern Kenya and the Coast. The Great Rift Valley extends about 5,000 km from Jordan in the north to Mozambique in the south. Within the Rift Valley, there are 8 lakes some fresh and some alkaline with a high concentration of birdlife. The wide plains and savannah of the Rift Valley have become the grassland home of grazing herds, and the kingdom of lions and other predators. There also exist volcanic hot springs and geysers in the valley. 

The Central Highlands encompass three mountain ranges namely Mt. Kenya, the Aberdare and Mau. This is an area of rich agricultural land and dense forests. The Arid and Semi arid areas occupy nearly two thirds of the country's surface area. These areas are inhabited by pastoralists and apart from domestic animals, there is also plenty of wildlife. 

The Coastal strip runs approximately 480 km in length and reaches inland between 16 and 30 km. White sandy beaches shaded by waving palms fringe the Indian ocean and the coral reefs run along the coastline creating a spectacular underwater world. They also serve to protect the shoreline and inland waters from storms and sharks. 

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